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MS1000 MG Premium Manual Knife Sharpener ORG - New

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Date posted: 27-Oct-2023

Condition: New

Master Grade Premium Heavy Duty Manual Knife Sharpener in Orange housing

Highest Grade Tungsten Lasts Up to 100 Times than V-Shaped, for Kitchen Knife, Pockets, hunting, Chef Knife

 About this item

  • COMMERCIAL GRADE! Get a professional sharpener for a home kitchen price.
  • TUNGSTEN DISC LASTS 100x LONGER than traditional v-shaped sharpeners.
  • ANYONE CAN USE! This sharpener is designed for both left and right handed users.
  • EASY TO USE: You only need to use light passes to get sharpness in seconds.
  • Made in Taiwan


Are you looking for a manual knife sharpener?

What available in the market mostly is what we call "V" shape. It builds using tungsten, high carbon steel or ceramic. The ceramic will only clean or smooth the knife’s edge, basically, nothing no sharpening. Most of the manufacturers use tungsten. The better quality tungsten the more expensive it will be.

The “V” shape will sharpen your knife’s cutting edge, in every sharpening, it will grinding much out the knife’s steel, “V” shape has only one point to hold your knife. So, when the knife is pulled through it, it will vibrate. Approximately, after ten or more sharpening, the knife will start having a wavy blade and need to replace it with a new one.

The cost range for this “V” shape knife sharpener is around ten to thirty dollars, it lasts around one to three months and needs to buy another one. For home use it may be longer, depends on how often you use your knife.

Master Grade philosophy is to build a sharpener with the best materials, sharpening technology, it will solve your sharpening issue, durable and save money. Together we reduce waste and preserve our environment.

Compared to “V” shape knife sharpener, Master Grade HD knife sharpener has three points to hold your knife firm, and take out minimal steel to get it sharp. So that when you pull through the knife it is not going to ruin your knife but extend the knife’s sharpness.

The manual knife sharpener sharpens the knife cutting edge only, it is used by many chefs, home chefs, hunters, etc. to get a quick knife sharpening. By end of the sharpening, finishing touch with a sharpening stick will prolong the knife sharpness.

Master Grade HD manual knife sharpener will last up to a hundred times compared to the life of the sharpener with tungsten“V” shape manual sharpener. Don’t need to build more waste, just one Master Grade HD knife sharpener is enough.



  • The only manual sharpener that prevents blade waviness even after long term use
  • Its patented TUNGSTEN disk lasts up to 100 times longer than a V-shaped disk
  • This sharpener is designed for both left and right-handed use.
  • Designed and Built by a Master in the Sharpening Industry Toxic-free.
  • Made in Taiwan Toxic free.


Knife sharpener only packaging not available

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