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Master Grade Japanese Usuba 5.5" 420-J2 12 Pcs

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20 @ $499.99 / 12 Pcs



Date posted: 27-Oct-2023

Condition: New

RJ-110 Master Grade 5.5” Japanese Usuba 420-J Stainless Steel

  • This listing is for 12 Pcs of RJ-110
  • Usuba in Japanese means thin blade knife. This knife is designed to cut food after cooked.  The curve tip is design to prevent scratch the food when slice.


  • Cutting edge (Angle): 18˚
  • Hardness: HRC 48
  • Material: 420-J2 stainless steel
  • Blade: twice heat treat
  • Handle material:ABS + PP + Fiber

Blade size: 5.5" X 2"

Handle size: 5"

Our recommendation is to buy two of this knife. The professional Japanese cooks usually own two sets of knives, which they use alternately each other day. After sharpening a carbon-steel knife in the evening after use, the user normally lets the knife 'rest' for a day to restore its patina and remove any metallic odor or taste that might otherwise be passed on to the food.

If you purchase more than one case (12 Pcs). You will received freight break, each additional case only $30 for shipping.

Combine shipment available please contact us via email.

We only carry high end quality, all products made in Taiwan

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